I'm Rachel and I'm so glad you're here. I didn't grow up anywhere near a ranch, but when I married my high school sweetheart, I knew ranch life was in my future. My husband is the 4th generation on his family's ranch, and the hardest working person I know. Moving out here wasn't easy for me at first and it was clear that I had no idea what I had gotten myself into. If you can believe it, I didn't even know what udders were called and referred to them as a "milk sack!"
My life out here has been a series of embarrassing mistakes and a major learning experience. I quickly realized that I had NO idea where my food came from (the grocery store, right??) and figured there were more people out there like me who were in the same boat.
At the end of December, 2019, I decided to enter the Instagram world and start sharing my day to day here on the ranch in the hopes that I would reach people like me who were unfamiliar with the world of agriculture.
Thank you for being here and supporting your local farmers and ranchers. I feel very blessed to be part of this wonderful online community and hope you'll stick around!
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