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This Life is a Privilege

This Life is a Privilege

I look great on paper.

I went to college, I’ve had a few “hard to get” teaching positions, I got my masters degree, I taught a graduate level course at the University of Montana one summer. I followed all the “rules.”

All that to say, the thing I am most proud of in my life is what I’ve learned to do on this ranch.

The first time I hauled a load of hay in the big rig easily trumps walking across the stage to receive my masters.

Becoming a reliable ranch hand that can actually HELP the guys out here has meant more to me than any of those coveted teaching positions ever did.

The reason? I had to WORK to get here. There has not been a single thing on this ranch that has come easily to me. NOT ONE. It’s all been hard. Equipment, cattle, crops, none of it was in my wheelhouse (ok, crops still aren’t, but you get the point 😂).

Being “book smart” was something that came naturally to me. The accomplishments listed above weren’t nearly as challenging as the things I’ve learned to do on the ranch.

I know some people don’t understand the choices I’ve made in my life. Some have told me I’m “above” this, but I don’t see it that way at all.

Being here, doing this work with my husband is probably the greatest gift this life has ever thrown at me.

I see this life as a privilege - something most people are never lucky enough to experience.

Has your life taken an unexpected turn?
Mar 30, 2022

Rachel, I am very proud of you ESPECIALLY because you’ve sought out your gifts and followed the path that only you and God deem worthy of your time and talent. Education is never a waste and will enhance any career you embrace. I’ve been a farm kid and a farm wife. It’s HARD yet so rewarding and necessary. Farming and ranching are not just a job but a necessary blessing to the world. Keep trucking, young woman! ❤️

Aunt Ruth

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