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The Pursuit of Perfection

The Pursuit of Perfection

Recovering perfectionist here.

I like the appearance of having it all together. I like the idea of being the girl who is good at everything.

I will take on all the tasks, even when I don’t have time or energy, because I don’t like looking “bad.”

My perfectionism is 100% rooted in people pleasing. (Just typing that makes me cringe 🥴)

I’ve pretty much been able to meet my unrealistic standards all these years.

Which is why becoming a mom completely shattered my reality.

I now find myself unable to meet my own standards. It’s simply not possible.

The pursuit of perfection has done nothing but steal my peace of mind.

These days, I’m trying to put my energy towards the most important things. I’m reminding myself that the people in my life won’t respect me less if I take a step back.

Have you struggled with perfectionism?

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