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On Looking for Opportunities to be Kind

On Looking for Opportunities to be Kind

Showing up in this space isn’t always easy.

It sounds silly, given the fact that I run this page, but I’m an extremely private person. I don’t have any personal social media accounts and I don’t share much of my personal life with anyone.

Sometimes, as I watch that follower count increase, I feel the urge to run. To shut it all down, and walk away.

When you decide to share on social media, you open yourself up to judgement. You open yourself up to the hate and anger that seem to be spreading more and more rampantly through our society.

You encounter people who will call you horrible names, threaten you, slide into your dms just to say they hope one of your cows stomps you dead, all while claiming to be a kind and compassionate person.

It’s shocking.

It’s also eye opening.

It’s so easy to sit behind a screen, a million miles away, and think horrible thoughts and say horrible things to someone you’ll never meet in person.

I think it says a lot about everything going on in our world right now.

Distance and anonymity make it easier to hate. They make it easier not to care, not to think about how you would feel if someone said or did those things to you.

I truly believe that we have more in common with one another than not. Despite differences in culture, language, diet, personality, politics, religion, etc, we are all just people. We are all doing the best we can.

I’m not really sure where I’m going with this, but feels good to get this jumble of thoughts out of my head.

I used to tell my elementary students to look for opportunities to be kind to one another. Maybe that’s the lesson we need to get back to in this world.
Mar 02, 2022

Your message is kindness, consideration and being thoughtful of others. Ignorance is not a negative connotation, because many people just need to open their minds, allow another point of view, consider another perspective. We are all one people. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.


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