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Q&A: Is Beef Unhealthy?

Q&A: Is Beef Unhealthy?

Today’s blog post looks a little different. I’ve done a lot of Q&As on Instagram, and I don’t know why I never thought to bring them to this platform as well.

Today’s the day!

Q: Isn’t beef really unhealthy? That’s what I’ve always been told!

Let’s talk about beef nutrition:

Beef consumption in the US has decreased significantly over the years. In 1975, the average American consumed approximately 95 LBS of beef/year compared to the current level of about 55 LBS/year.

Yet, somehow, we continue to see a drastic increase in heart disease, obesity, and diabetes in the US every year.

Beef isn’t the problem, and it’s not something you should be afraid of. It’s an extremely nutrient dense food, and it can be enjoyed as part of a balanced, healthy, diet.

Let’s break down some of the nutrients found in beef:

- Vitamin B-12 (important for blood formation and your brain and nervous system)

- Zinc (for body growth and maintenance)

- Selenium (protects against cell damage and infection)

- Iron (used to make hemoglobin and myoglobin which carry oxygen throughout your body)

- Niacin aka Vitamin B3 (helps your body turn food into energy)

- Vitamin B6 (for brain development and healthy nervous and immune systems)

- Phosphorous (helps filter out waste in the kidneys and builds strong bones and teeth)

What you chose to fuel your body with is a very personal decision. You’ll never find any judgement from me, but I always encourage everyone to make those decisions with the facts in mind! Do some of your own research, you might be surprised what you learn.



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