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Beer Battered Fish

Beer Battered Fish

Do you have a fisherman in your house? Ranching is pretty time consuming and truthfully, we don't leave here as much as we probably should, but fishing is a favorite pass time on those rare days we are able to leave.

I never used to know what to do with fish when Tom would bring them home, but this recipe is now my go to! We prefer white fish - Walleye, Perch, Catfish, etc, for this recipe, but you can use whatever you like. You can't go wrong with battering and deep frying in my opinion.

A friend of ours gave us some Halibut from a fishing trip in Alaska and that's what you'll find pictured here! 

Just make sure your oil is hot, and you can't screw this one up. Be sure to tag me on Instagram @rachelontheranch or leave a comment below if you try this recipe! 


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