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When I married my high school sweetheart (a 4th generation rancher) I knew ranch life was in my future. What I didn't know was that I would develop a deep passion for this industry and the lifestyle that comes with it. My apparel reflects that passion and my journey from city girl to rancher.

I love being able to show my support for ag and be comfortable at the same time! I can dress my T shirts up or down and love how versatile they are!

Maria L.Customer

Absolutely love my heavy blend hoodie. It's so soft, but durable at the same time. Perfect for chores on the farm!

Julia M.Customer

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Focus on the Step in Front of You, not the Whole Staircase

Focus on the Step in Front of You, not the Whole Staircase

Oh, hi, it’s me. Anxiety ridden, type A, over thinker, over planner, never able to enjoy the present moment, always worried about something, Rachel. When I first started working on the ranch, I can remember being SO overwhelmed, I actually felt lightheaded sometimes. I was relatively comfortable driving the tractor, but the big rigs forever lurked in the back of my mind. I knew that...

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